Pixel Art Self-portrait

Nuno Castro

A man whose labels are nothing short of spectacular.


Hello, I'm Nuno!

Welcome to my personal space on the Internet!. I'm currently developing it, so please visit often to check out all the latest additions! I hope you enjoy your visit.

Hobbies & Other Pastimes

When I'm not working on any project, I'm usually:

  • Reading
  • Working Out
  • Taking care of Apollo & Kabuki

You will usually find me in Guimarães, saving some virtual world.

Endeavours on the Moving Image

Ritual - A Documentary Short

Ritual Official Trailer

In a small village of Guimarães, several families within a small community gather every february for the slaughter of the pig, which provides sustenance for the rest of the year. The procedure is dutyfully carried out according to age old laws and methods, making this, in its essence, a ritual of transformation, where brutality and tenderness find common ground. It is important to register and remember the few remaining examples of this ancient and fading practice, which reveals our roots.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Title Sequence FEUP

A title sequence for an institutional documentary series about the academic staff at FEUP

This work is comprised mainly of animated static images and some dynamic motion elements. It has a simple mechanism, which is very effective in conveing the feel of the series.

Seeing Voices FEUP Multimedia Labs

An informative video about the concept and logic behind the Seeing Voices Project, by the FEUP Multimedia Labs

The project - a social experiment desgined to raise awareness towards the struggles of the hearing impaired - works due to a special sound filter.

Official Fifth Empire Teaser CISTI 2014

This is the teaser for a now defunct project - a game - called Fifth Empire.

In this short video we can actually see some in-game footage of the working prototype. The project was presented at the Iberian Conference of Informatic and Techonology Systems

Other examples of Animation

Pixel Art Animation

Film & Video

Marvelous Talking Machine TOCA

The result of a collaboration with the band Marvelous Talking Machine. Here you can find more videos from this series.

The videos were shot during a concert at TOCA, using a 2 camera layout.

Crime Exemplar gNocNoc

A result of another collaboration, with actress Ana Simões, who, at the time, had organized a performance for the yearly arts festival in Guimarães

This was a challenging project, due to its highly conceptual nature. It was display in a dark room for one day, in constant loop.

AR Prototype

Dissertation Project FEUP

This prototype makes use of two simple scripts: a Python Mesh exporter (within Blender) and a Processing skectch that uses the NyARToolkit library to display the object.

It is possible to change the object very quickly, as the example shows. This a flexible tool in an early stage of development.


Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto

Master in Multimedia Specialized in Education

My experience in this academic journey was both intense and enriching. The many challenges I faced during this time have certainly gave me tools to become a better professional and citizen.

The investigation I conducted was centered around the development of a new tool to aid in teaching Technical Drawing. You can find more details here.

Graduated: 2016

Escola Superior Artística do Porto

Film and Audiovisual

Being my primary base of academic knowledge, this experience has helped gain a better understanding of the language of the moving image.

Graduated: 2011

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